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The past few years have seen Africa begin to thrive as one of the most resourceful and industry rich continents on earth. The continent has previously lived under the shadow of its competitors, however is now emerging as one of the main contenders in the global market.

Following the success from last year, the 2016 African Corporate Excellence Awards, are designed to showcase and recognise the key players and competitors within this prospering region. We aim to highlight and reward the efforts of the firms and individuals who have exhibited tremendous work within this vibrant and ever-evolving continent.

Our awards will pay attention to all aspects of the business world, from the top level decision makers to the underlying companies who provide vital support and services to businesses across the world. From dedicated client satisfaction, customer care and marketing to innovative services, products and solutions, our awards aim to spotlight these firms who have ceaseless commitment and diligence to providing the very best they can offer.

In order to determine and reward the African businesses who offer unmatched services, our awards team has undertaken months of rigorous and meticulous research, to truly recognise the best this region has to offer; firms or individuals who are deserving of praise and acknowledgement.


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Read the 2016 Winners Supplement below.

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