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When looking to recognise and reward excellence in the corporate world, it’s all too easy to focus on the headline grabbing names, worldwide brands or company figureheads. But what about the people behind the scenes whose tireless dedication, astute decision making and boundless knowledge of their industry, market and clients keep their firms moving forward each and every day?

The 2015 Corporate Vision Executive Awards pay tribute to the shining stars of the executive world who form not just the backbone of their individual firms, but of their wider sectors and industries.

Creativity, innovation and passion for the product or service are the things that separate great companies from merely good ones and these awards celebrate the individuals who, through their commitment to these areas, are the driving force behind their firms’ growth and prosperity.

Our dedicated awards team undertake a huge amount of rigorous research, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that these awards are allocated only to the professionals that truly deserve them. The awards are based 100% on merit and are a reflection of those executives currently making an impact in their firms and industries.

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