3E Accounting – A Leading One-Stop Services Provider



3E Accounting, a Leading One-Stop Services Provider


“It seems that it’s nearly impossible for a 26 years old young man to start an accounting firm, however, with the support from the partners, team and clients, we have made it and became the leading corporate service provider that goes beyond Singapore.” Lawrence Chai, founder of 3E Accounting, has started the accounting from scratch in 2011 to today with a group of international network members of more than 600 staffs.

The desire for being able to allocate more time taking care of their family, when both Lawrence and Stephanie were expecting a child gave birth to 3E Accounting, an accounting firm that promotes work life balance, after both decided to quit from their previous workplace that does not promote work life balance. In 3E Accounting, none of their accountants work on weekends, even in peak season. Not to mention, almost every staffs go home on time.

 A Truly One-Stop Solution Services Provider

3E Accounting is the first accounting network that is not auditing focus, but focusing on assisting entrepreneurs on how to expand their businesses to overseas market, regardless developed countries or developing countries. With the fast development of market and business opportunities in Asean, 3E Accounting has an international network that cover all countries in Asean, except for Brunei.

As a truly one-stop solution services provider, 3E Accounting does not just help clients in setting up their businesses only, but also to resolve all things, including license application, work passes and visa, accounting, taxation, GST, secretarial services, human resources and more.

International Network

As Lawrence and Stephanie both realized the difficulties of finding network that focuses on helping clients to start their business easily in a country, they took the initiatives to set up their own network in January 2016. They are able to set up the whole structure easily together with their affiliated lawyer with the help from IE Singapore who provides supports of grant assistance through Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant.

To become the World’s leading corporate services provider, offering services beyond excellence is 3E Accounting’s Vision. They are currently targeting to have 50 countries to join their network by 2018, with existing network that has presence in 27 countries, with 38 offices and over 600 staffs.

In order to keep on growing, eventually becoming the leader in this field, innovation has become another key of the international network. Every member in the international network will continuously share knowledge and learning from each other.

Nothing is happier for 3E Accounting to be able to assist SMEs in Singapore to expand their business overseas easily as everything is being taken care. Furthermore, to see the client is able to just start their business without need to worry about all the compliance in a country which accountants is taken care of.

Awards and Achievements

Standing tall as the most award winning accounting firm in Singapore that is not focusing on auditing services, 3E Accounting is pleased to received awards and recognitions such as Promising SME 550 2014 by Small and Medium Business Associations, Singapore Prestige Class Awards 2014/2015 by Singapore Business Media Pte. Ltd., TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016, Top 10 Premium Compliance Services Providers of 2016 in the APAC region by Enterprise Services Insights, etc.

In addition, 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd is now a Xero Certified Advisor that provides Xero Cloud Accounting Software in Singapore on valuable business and tax advice which assists their client’s in setting up on Xero software since June 2016.

Furthermore, 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd. is also a QuickBooks ProAdvisors that provides QuickBooks Online Services in Singapore to their client’s in deep product knowledge and stellar client service.

Apart from that, 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd. have become the 1st Accounting Firm to implement the Revolutionary Double Robotics Technology on 1 April 2016.


Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing

When everything is about efficiency, 3E Accounting realized that if they are not fast enough to response to changes, they will soon be replaced by someone else. Hence, they will never stop learning and growing, to make sure they are always in the lead of all competitors.

They are not satisfied with current condition only and still working hard to be more innovative. It is their culture to continuously improve themselves and be innovative, shaping the industry rather than just a follower.


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