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WordPress Sites Can Now Improve Performance by 60% by Using ScientiaMobile's ImageEngine Plugin

January 22, 2016


ScientiaMobile has launched its ImageEngine WordPress Plugin that improves the speed of image downloads by 60%. After installing the WordPress Plugin, a user's site will automatically deliver images appropriately sized for mobile devices, resulting in dramatically lower payloads and download times. No editing of themes or templates is necessary. ImageEngine combines mobile device detection with automatic resizing, optimal file format conversion, HTTP/2 and Client Hints support, and cached delivery.

"Over 70 million web sites use WordPress to manage content. In a mobile-first web world, WordPress administrators need simple tools that will improve download speed and user experience across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. ImageEngine is a must-have plugin that provides breakthrough performance improvement," said Krishna Guda, ScientiaMobile's CEO.

The ImageEngine WordPress Plugin requires one to sign-up for an ImageEngine account. By signing up for a commercial license, customers with over 5 GB of images delivered per month can benefit from enterprise-level benefits such as unlimited original image size, SSL certificates, and Helpdesk support. Already, ScientiaMobile is delivering over 2 billion images per month, showing that ScientiaMobile can support Large Enterprises and e-commerce players.

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