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Intelartes sprl

Best for Work Competency Analytics Solutions - Belgium

Intelartes ( specialises in solution and service in competency management in HRM.
As an application provider, it provides bespoke data analytics and decision support in SaaS in
- competency profiling
- competency analysis
- competency planning
- standard-based competency management.

As a customer service provider, it consults in
- Competency strategies
- Competency knowledge management
- Customisation of competency analytics.

As a technology company, it develops two of the four AI capabilities: comprehension and decision to enable intelligent competency management
- Natural language understanding
- Semantics processing
- Knowledge bases and reasoning.
It works with employment agencies, corporate HR, professional bodies, learning and education providers and policy makers in HRM.y makers in HRM.

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0203 725 6844