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L.E.S.S. Ltd

Most Innovative Specialty Lighting Solutions Company 2018

"L.E.S.S. SA (“Light Efficient SystemS”) has developped a disruptive lighting technology that has recently proven itself as a serious alternative to today’s LEDs technology. Based on a proprietary nanoactive optical fiber of the size of a human hair, its lighting products allow for generating ultra-thin, -bright and -uniform light that precision surpasses today’s standard.
This allowed L.E.S.S. to successfully grow in the market of the industrial vision and to recently enter the market of external automotive lighting. 
The thinness, the flexibility and the three-dimensional nature of the nanoactive fiber allows for the creation of unprecedented car lighting signatures and its low weight potentially contributes to an enhancement of the car performances and/or a reduction of its fuel or electricity consumption. The first day time running lights using a nanoactive optical fiber have been displayed on a car at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017 and will be on the road within few years."

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