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Small businesses form the backbone of our corporate landscape despite the trying hardships and obstacles they may face along the path of success! Their continued dedication and innovation is not purely showcased through their size or number of employees but also through the benefits of a tight knit workforce, outstanding customer service and a determination to succeed. The 2019 Small Business Awards will seek out, reward and highlight only the best that this wonderfully vibrant industry has to offer and discards factors which we would consider irrelevant when it comes to running a successful small business!

It is our core belief that a successful small business is not only represented through its financial achievements or the popularity of its products and services but also by the relationships they hold within the workplace. One of our previous Small Business Awards winners’ Augusto Mitidieri – CEO of the Year 2018 stresses the upmost importance of maintaining a strong owner/employee relationship and believes it is of paramount importance during the daily running of his Pharmaceuticals company. In an interview with CV Magazine Augusto, states his organisation as a “Human Centred Organisation”, adding “Making Sintetica a great place to work is my firm belief, something that is very much a part of the company DNA. I consider our people to be the company’s core resource.” He closes, “That is why I can trust those who work in my organisation to open to change and drive the innovation in management process in the long-term.”

As afore mentioned the 2019 Small Business Awards are judged purely on merit. To ensure this, our in-house research team carefully analyse any information that is available both online and in the public domain. Nominees are also asked to prepare a short case file disclosing their chosen business sector and practice, any previous accolades as well as what differentiates them from the 125 million other small businesses, globally. Product samples and media packs are also accepted but are non- mandatory.

Winning an award provides you with the evidence you need to prove that beyond doubt you stand out from the crowd in your business sector. Enhancing your victory with visual reminders can be the perfect way for you to attract new clients and employees alike. Receiving third-party recognition can help boost the reputation of your company and the trust in the products and services you offer.

Those lucky enough to make our winners’ selection are presented to our readers as the leading lights in this prestigious market. SO, if you know of, own or are part of, an organisation which you feel is worthy of acknowledgement then please complete the voting form details below..

If you would like additional information on how you can get involved in the 2019 Small Business Awards, the process or previous winners’ please visit our FAQ page HERE.


Winners Announced!
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