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HashedIn Technologies

Best SaaS Products Developer 2019 - India

HashedIn Technologies is an IT services and consulting company that builds intelligent SaaS solutions for its clients in a global spectrum.

Founded in 2010 with the vision to help businesses, HashedIn has built, transformed, and launched over 150 robust solutions for 125 clients worldwide, including companies like Honeywell, Nutanix, NetApp, Winzip, and Aruba.

HashedIn is a hub of highly trained teams, sophisticated tools, and resources to power advanced developmental capabilities. The team’s technical breadth is vast and covers some of the most powerful technologies like Python, Docker, React, Redis etc. We use both open source technology and custom IP which are ultimately developed in-house to tackle our developmental challenges.  

We enable firms to build, run, and manage a successful SaaS application. Our intelligent SaaS (iSaaS) offering rests on Customer Experience, Internet Scale APIs, Integrations, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Our strength lies in leveraging digital technologies, by integrating applications and thereby providing a seamless, efficient and intelligent platform. Our business accelerators and software engineering process help in deploying digital technologies to create a unifying customer experience.

With our reusable components and flexible frameworks, we help enterprises quicken their product development process and yield competitive advantage along with monetary resolutions.

HashedIn takes pride in being Strategic Partners with some big names in the industry, they are as follows,

AWS - An Advanced Consulting Partner with 50 AWS Certified Engineers

SalesForce - We are Salesforce Consulting partner with expertise on their Heroku platform

Redis Labs - Official RedisLabs Partners and the only technology service providers from the APAC  

HashedIn regularly partners with thought leaders and tech giants to conduct stimulating workshops on the latest trends in technology, design, and user experience. Through our meetups, workshops, and hackathons, we encourage knowledge sharing and foster a collaborative environment to drive innovation.
To know more about us, you can log on to or reach us at [email protected]

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