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Ohana Coffee Solutions Food & Beverage

Best Specialty Coffee SME - Alberta

Ohana Coffee Solutions - your friendly neighbourhood coffee company.  

Each cup of coffee served has the potential to make an exceptional first or last impression on your customers, employees and business partners.

Through our sampling program Ohana Coffee will ensure you have the perfect coffee that will brew a great lasting impression.

We understand that not every business has the same requirements. That’s why we will work with you to develop a customized program to ensure you have the right brewer and exceptional tasting coffee available anytime.

We service Offices, Industrial work sites, Convenience store, Foodservice, Healthcare Institutions, Hospitality, Restaurants, Universities and many more.

At Ohana Coffee Solutions we recognize that it is time for better coffee, more variety and superb service.  We are ready to deliver a complete package that is perfectly suited to your company standards and requirements.  

We look forward to working with you. 

Contact Us

0203 725 6844