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Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

January 28, 2020


Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

When it comes to training executives for their corporate work, it is imperative that the training is relevant, innovative, and effective in engaging the right people. Covering the regions of Asia and the Middle East, FDB Events is a corporate training and conference company that offers specialised training for middle-to-top level executives. Discover more about how this firm are training the next generation of business leaders as we profile FDB and their ongoing successes.

Headquartered in Singapore and serving the entirety of the Middle East and Asia, FDB competently offer both technical and soft skills to executives working across a vast range of industries and sectors. Dedicated to creating innovative, relevant and action-based learning, the firm’s mission is to inspire, transform and empower their clients with the most up-to-date and valuable knowledge that can aid businesses in real and tangible ways. The firm can offer a wide selection of public and in-house training events for corporations and companies, as well as conferences to inspire and transform businesses working in the world today.

The range of industries that FDB work with stretches from finance and food, to power and pharmaceuticals. Within each of the industries that they work in, the firm also work with specific departments to ensure that everyone within a company is fully trained and capable of achieving the best results possible. From sales, supply chain and strategic management, to procurement and planning departments, every facet of a company can experience the best-in-class training that the firm offer.

Prior to any training event that FDB host, or help to host, the firm are asking their clients to communicate their issues directly to them. That way, the training can be tailored to meet specific needs and help generate the best possible results once attendees return to their companies. Not only is the training personal and helping to affect real change, but the client also gets to benchmark their own company standards against any competitors or peers that are attending the event as well.


Each training programme and learning experience is designed to be as innovative, creative and engaging as possible for all attendees. All styles of learning are incorporated, including reading and kinaesthetic activity to ensure that everyone is encouraged to take something from the day back to their places of work. Rather than simply creating and reading from bog-standard PowerPoint presentations, FDB’s events include more hands-on active learning, case study learning through real-world examples, and storytelling sessions.

Whilst public and in-house training is one of the ways that FDB offer learning experiences for corporate and business clients, the other is conferences. Bringing together leaders, advocators, innovators, disrupters and agents for change together, conferences are the best place to shape the discourse around the technologies, tactics, and characters that are changing the way the world does business in the twenty-first century. Whether it be the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, or how to effectively streamline and increase business growth, these conferences are the place to make a positive difference in the corporate world.

Working with such an extensive variety of industries and departments is thanks only to the 400-strong team of corporate trainers that FDB employ. Each corporate trainer brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the industries and departments that they work in, and all of the subject matter experts boast more than twenty years’ experience
working and consulting for some of the world’s top corporations. As well as the experience that the trainers and experts bring, the firm also has great relationships with clients, making special efforts to constantly communicated with training and HR managers to ensure everyone is in sync vis-à-vis specific training needs.

Ensuring that the future of business is in sure and steady hands, FDB are delivering bestin-class teaching to the corporate students of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow. Offering informative, brilliant, and industry-leading conferences and training programmes across the Middle East and Asia, the Asia-Pacific region’s corporate future is brighter than ever before.

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