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Circulation - 130,000 Worldwide 

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Taking in everything from business strategy, expert opinion, analysis, corporate case studies, emerging trends, leadership, growth opportunities, and the challenges facing our country’s foremost business leaders, Corporate Vision is an invaluable resource for leaders and decision makers looking, not only to be informed, but to improve the way they manage their operations, staff, technology, business partnerships, and supply chains with a view to creating a more profitable and successful business.

We can see the great success of our platform with over 551,000 page views in the last 12 months averaging at 45,900 page views per month we can see our magazine is loved by many. The unique users average at an incredible 13,500 per month and we can’t thank our readers enough for the amazing support they give us to bring this content to you.

Corporate Vision is bought to you each month by AI Global Media, a B2B digital publishing group founded in 2010.  The group currently has 16 brands within its portfolio including luxury lifestyle, construction, healthcare & small business focused publications.  AI Global Media are dedicated to delivering content you can trust to each of its readers, subscribers, clients and visitors.

CPD membership

AI Global Media and all its publications are proud members of CPD, an independent accreditation centre working across all sectors and disciplines.

Established in 1996, CPD have extensive experience and history working with training providers, professional bodies, academic institutions and corporate organisations. Enabling them to support organisations seeking authoritative accreditation for their CPD activities.

All CPD submissions are assessed and accredited against the universally accepted structured checklist which The CPD Service has developed over the past 20 years. The process takes an impartial and objective overview of structure and value to ensure full conformity to CPD guidelines.



Director at Jazzej Investments Pty Ltd & Eljary Pty Ltd - "Corporate Vision have been a delight to work with and it was wonderful and an honour to receive an award through their program. It is delightful to know that for all the hard work one puts in an organisation like Corporate Vision provides a platform to be acknowledged. The staff were great and made the experience feel rewarding and gratifying. Thank you Corporate Vision for the experience."

Nitya Padman, Canon Inc. - "I found the CV Awards teams to be extremely professional and thorough in their approach. The Awards team worked consistently and effectively with me as a nominee to ensure that the resulting output was of high standard. A great team!"

Wayne Conyers - "Enjoyed working with CV magazine during our recent nomination and award for Best IT Service platform, a professional organisation who have helped raise our profile as a result. Thanks Corporate vision :)"

Jerry Acuff - "Corporate Vision has been terrific to work with. It was such an honor  to receive an award through their program. It is great to know that for all the hard work one puts into making an organization successful and driving toward sustained growth and excellence, Corporate Vision provides a wonderful platform to be acknowledged and recognized for that. Everyone we worked with at Corporate Vision was efficient, helpful and friendly and they made the experience feel rewarding and gratifying. Thank you Corporate Vision for a fantastic experience."

Ruediger Spies, LifeTech IP - "Working with AI Global Media – in particular in the process for the IP Award – was a good experience. The staff is working professionally and has a quick turn-around time for things to be decided. A certain sense of urgency is woven into the company DNA – this is representing professionalism and result orientation."

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