blue monday 3
Blue Monday in lockdown: Are your employees overworked?
Sadly, Blue Monday is here. But in 2021, not only are we having to tackle the January blues, there’s also
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7 In-Demand Careers for a Post-COVID America
The events of the beginning of this decade have permanently altered what will be considered an in-demand career for years
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local seo
The Importance of Local SEO and How You Can Implement It?
What is local SEO and why is it so great? Let’s find out.
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virtual clients
3 Ways To Win Clients In A Time Of Virtual Communication
There’s no argument that the pandemic has profoundly impacted businesses where face-to-face communication can be dealmaker or a deal breaker
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rental property
How to Start a Rental Property Business
Buying properties to let them out has been an incredibly popular type of business in recent years. Starting a rental
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5 Top Tips for Effective Communication
Effective communication is a common challenge across organisations of all sizes and it’s something that we, at AI have been
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How To Construct Effective Advertising & Marketing Strategies
If you're interested in making profits from your business, you should market your shop effectively. This means promoting your business
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home office
Setting Up a Home Office During COVID-19
If you’re required to work from home during the current coronavirus pandemic, you may find it a bit of a
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ecommerce automation
Starting an Online Business: The Must-Haves Before You Start
Firing up a brand-new business online can be incredibly exciting, and it is easy to want to dive headfirst into
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Futureproofing your workforce through personalised learning & development
Rather than reducing costs by scaling back employee training, companies with an eye on the equally uncertain future should be
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uni work
How to manage your workload during the Christmas break, according to an expert
During these unprecedented times, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed at the thought of managing studying at home.
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How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in the Covid job market, according to an expert
LinkedIn is a professional networking platform focused on keeping everyone connected in their different sectors. When used correctly, LinkedIn can
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