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Whatever a business’s size, age, reputation or location, its long-term success relies, ultimately, on one thing: the quality of the products and services it provides.

A business may be a global corporation, employing thousands of people across the world, but if the services it provides don’t meet precisely the needs of its target market, results will inevitably suffer. Likewise, a company might enjoy a 150-year reputation for excellence and boast a long and distinguished client list but if it fails to move with the times and ignores the latest innovations, it’s inevitable that smaller, nimbler and newer operations will make that 160th anniversary highly unlikely.

In short, products and services are the backbone of any successful business, and with consumers and potential clients today able to choose from more options and alternatives than at any time in history, the art of developing the right offering has become absolutely vital.

The 2015 Global Products & Services Awards recognise those professionals whose dedication to innovation and moving their industry forward, while simultaneously providing the very best for their customers, has seen them take their rightful place at the vanguard of their industry.

We’re highlighting and paying tribute to those firms and individuals whose refusal to stand still in the face of progress or compromise their high standards has seen them rise above the competition to cement their position as a leading light in what is becoming an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

All of our awards are given on merit alone, meaning that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals are awarded. Each nomination is subject to a rigorous and in-depth judging process, meaning that all successful nominees can be safe in the knowledge that they are truly among the very best in their field.

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