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The global security and investigations sector continues to experience unprecedented growth; fuelled by global economic development, increased awareness of security concerns and a willingness to spend on solutions. Technological advances are having a transformative effect on the industry and have made a whole range of physical and cyber security solutions accessible to the many.

It’s a thoroughly exciting world to be a part of and in the spirit of giving credit to the industry’s key players, Corporate Vision Magazine is delighted to unveil its inaugural Global Security & Investigations Awards. We invite businesses and individuals across the full spectrum of the industry to take part in the process and allow our research team a glimpse into your organisation so that we can see what it is that keeps your stakeholders happy.

Entering the 2019 Global Security & Investigations Awards hosted by CV Magazine is the perfect way to standout from the crowd and to give yourself the chance of gaining valuable third-party endorsement. Whether or not you progress successfully, being nominated alone can be a huge boost to the individuals working hard to make your organisation the best it can be. Should you go on to win, the benefits of third-party recognition are hugely powerful and it is a great tool in the generation of new business.

The 2019 Global Security & Investigations Awards operates an open vote policy; by this we mean that any firm, in any region can submit a nomination. To advance, nominees must be active in the process and give consent in order to shortlist.

Those with the substance to demonstrate success in CV Magazine’s 2019 Global Security & Investigations Awards will furnish themselves with evidence that they are a standout player in their field and go above and beyond for their clients. Choosing to amplify your success with physical and digital items is a great way to promote your success and assist in retaining your clients and as well as bringing in new clients to help your business grow. We are always happy to work alongside any of our winners in any of their marketing and promotional needs.

If you have any questions regarding the awards or a firm’s eligibility, please contact the awards coordinator Edward Faulkner either via email or feel free to reach me on my direct line.


Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: 44(0)20 3970 0023

Winners Announced! Please See Below for Supplement and Full List of Winners!

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