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HR & Training Awards 2016 FAQs

Who has voted for me?

Votes have been gathered from the 130,000 strong CV subscribers as well as inviting a further base of industry professionals to have their say. All of the votes are cast and gathered with the utmost care and confidence. However, the voting form is anonymous so we don’t have details of who specifically voted for you.

Where can I find the 2016 HR & Training Awards categories?

The full list of categories is still available on the voting form on our webpage. Don’t forget, you still have a chance to self-nominate or nominate one of your peers.

What’s involved?

During the research stage our team will look into any information submitted in the votes received for you. In addition, you will be presented with the chance to submit any information you believe would be beneficial to yourself. Exhaustive in-house research is also carried out to ensure the validity and accuracy of any information submitted.

How do you determine the winners?

Winners are determined not only on votes alone, we have our very own experienced in-house research team who gather information by assessing the supporting evidence provided and other general research about the company. All of these factors are taken into consideration when determining the winners.

Is there a charge if I go on to win?

There is no mandatory cost throughout the process. Whilst we offer optional promotional & marketing opportunities, we pride ourselves on the fact that it is, and always will be free to win one of our awards. It is our overriding philosophy that no one should have to pay to enter or win an award hence we always have a free of charge option.

When are the results announced, and what happens if I win?

All nominees will be contacted with the results in December 2016. Instead of an awards dinner, we focus all our efforts on publishing a beautifully designed magazine including all winners who wish to be featured. This provides a great platform to shout the success and shine in the spot light on those truly excelling in the sector. 

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