Business Innovator Awards 2018

16 Corporate Vision / Business Innovator Awards 2018 , unskillful performance and as a result they could face growth constraints even in a good market with a good brand.” “While much of the learning sector has gone the ed-tech route, we have gone down the optimization route. Traditional learning approaches still underpin the industry and we are disrupting these models in ways that create significantly improved business and talent realities. It is a much needed shift and the value we create is enormous. “Both cost savings and profitability results can quickly scale into millions.” As she looks to the future, Arupa is optimistic that Velocified will continue to offer its clients the revolutionary solutions they expect over the years to come. “Going forward, one of the internal developments we are working on is a technology platform as a follow on from the consulting and project development end of our services. This will enable our clients to easily access and manage their custom content as they implement their projects in various roles. Additionally, we have recently developed a webinar, now available on our website, to help companies learn more about introducing Talent Acceleration programs. “Ultimately, we remain committed to making things easier for our clients and helping them manage better and faster. This will be our ongoing focus as we look towards a bright and prosperous future.” Founded in 2016, Velocified offers unique solutions and support that makes it faster and easier for its clients to achieve full productivity in any talent role or function in the shortest time. Arupa discusses this innovative service offering in more detail. “At Velocified, we are experts in driving people to proficient performance in any job faster. Our deliverable is 30-50% faster, 10X less training, 100% effective, with a synergy you have to see to believe. “The impact of what we do is critical as lower talent retention levels and current speed to market pressures bring new risks to organizations of all sizes. We help our clients rapidly deploy a full-scale approach to expedite learning and performance experience along with specific just-in-time management or peer coaching support. “The biggest challenge for organizations today is to be able to attract, maintain and train their talent quickly. Jobs are plentiful, but people are not lining up for them the way they used to, so organizations need to have a way to maintain and optimize the agility of their workforce. We give them an efficient way to do this. Most companies do not have a Talent Acceleration program in place for their workforce. We are the “go to” company to get one started. “The danger in not having a program like this internally is that corporate performance and capability can be adversely undermined by errors and Best for Talent Acceleration Strategies – Canada & Excellence Award in Custom Management Coaching - Canada Velocified specializes in implementing Enterprise Capability and Talent Acceleration Programs that increase growth & improve competitive performance. We spoke to Arupa Tesolin, CEO, to find out more. BIN18017 Company: Velocified Contact: Arupa Tesolin, CEO Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Phone: 001905 271 7272 Web Address: