Business Innovator Awards 2018

20 Corporate Vision / Business Innovator Awards 2018 , that upon every single job we’re commissioned for. “Our areas of expertise currently fall under the categories of ‘Branding, Video/Film Production, Visual Communication, Illustration, Interactivity for TV/ Web/Mobile, Post Production, as well as general marketing services. As such, our clients can and have included tv broadcasters, retailers, as well as manufacturers. What unites this myriad of clients is that they all receive the full benefit of our expertise and experience.” Yumboxdesign is a creative think-tank supporting clients across a wide range of sectors and practice areas. Peter shares an insight into the firm’s service offering and how it works to provide exceptional service and support to its valued, varied clients. “Here at Yumboxdesign, we love giving our clients much more than they were originally expecting. Everyone kind of says that, but we do make a conscious effort to try and do just Most Creative Media Company 2018 - London Yumboxdesign is a young and dynamic agency that revels in creating well designed content delivery in all things media. Peter Sinclair tells us more about the firm. Offering this vast service offering would be impossible without a dedicated team, and as such Peter explores how the firm’s internal culture revolves around its staff. “Yumboxdesign’s internal culture, with regards how we work with others, especially with those we employ, is to always pay the fees that everyone deserves. We are not motivated necessarily by profit, but by making everyone associated with us, happy. A happy team will transmit that energy into their work, and as a result, to our clients. Nothing shows you respect your team more, than actually paying them what they are truly worth.” Looking ahead, Peter is excited for the future of Yumboxdesign as it prepares to branch out into new sectors and work with an enhanced range of clients, as he proudly concludes. “With regards to the future of Yumboxdesign, we certainly have big plans. There is nothing wrong with having big ambitions, as long as you take BIN18023 your time with regards achieving them. Currently, we are in the processes of setting up offices over in Asia, specifically in Indonesia, as we have found a demand out there for the type of work we deliver. “Among our latest developments is a new Yumbox venture, focusing specifically within the Interior Design, as well as the Architectural industry. This comes in the form of Yumboxinteriors. This new venture will be based out from both Jakarta, as well as Bali. It is here also that our new ragging Yumboxdesign Asian offices shall be located. This will offer us the chance to work with new clients and enhance our success.” Company: Yumboxdesign Contact: Peter Sinclair Address: 359 Goswell Road, Angel, Isllington, London, EC1V 7JL, UK Phone: 0208 720 6534 Web: