CV Canadian Business Awards 2018

18 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2018 , Over the Rainbow, Children’s Centre (OTRCC) is a quality learning centre based in Ontario that has been caring and educating children from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years of age for more than 15 years. We invited Angelica Romero to tell us more about the centre and the range of services it has to offer. Best Childcare Centre 2018 - Vaughan Established in 2003, today OTRCC is on a mission to give children a learning opportunity through caring, trained staff and a safe atmosphere where they can play, learn and develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. The team at the centre takes great satisfaction in supporting and nurturing each child to help them acquire the desire to be life-long learners. Angelica provides us with an insight into how this is achieved through a unique program of support and learning. “Here at OTRCC, we are aware of the fundamental importance of the early years of a child in their learning paths and we strive to help them build life- long foundations to education, relationships and self-esteem. Our programs (infant, toddler, pre-school, kindergarten, before and after school, as well as summer camps), include a comprehensive developmental curriculum based on the Reggio Emilia Approach - which values the child as strong, capable and resilient. We welcome all children, regardless of their individual needs. We give consideration to each individuals’ needs, supporting their ability to learn and develop. “As a part of this approach, and in order to ensure a safe and developmentally enriching environment, we have designed every room to accommodate the number of children licensed in that program. The rooms are designed with adequate space for the children to learn, play, and rest. The toys, activity centres, programs, and outdoor playground have been customized to meet the developmental and social needs of all children. Our goal is to develop each child’s unique skills and potentials through intellectual, problem- solving and decision-making skills, and cognitive growth, physical, social and emotional development.” This supportive, collaborative approach starts right from the moment a new child joins the centre, as Angelica explains. “When a new child joins our centre, we discuss with the parents to fully understand the needs, strengths and weaknesses of the child. We want to understand what we can do at the centre, as a whole, to support the child’s learning experience. We believe how the children learn is as important as what they learn. An open communication between OTRCC and the parents is fundamental to ensure we serve well the children and their families, providing them support and encouragement. We make the time to observe and get to know the children as the individual they are, so we can plan fun and developmental activities to suit their personality and stage of development. “To be part of a child’s most formative years is a huge privilege and responsibility for us so our early assessment also considers how we can promote the health, safety and well-being of the children that come to our centre. Safety standards are rigorously followed, as well as the elaboration of nutritiously planned menu of meals and snacks. The individualized attention we give to each child is what sets OTRCC apart. Every child has a different set of skills, with varying strengths and weaknesses. We pay great attention to their individuality and we strive to help develop each child’s unique talents. Greater individuality helps higher knowledge retention and lead to better results and brighter futures for any child involved.” With regards to the future, Angelica is keen to emphasize the centre’s ongoing focus on providing quality care to the children it looks after, as she highlights in her concluding comments. “Currently, OTRCC remains dedicated to continuing to provide exceptional care and support the many families of York Region and beyond. In longer term, we may be looking to expand into new cities and regions, however our ongoing focus will remain to continually ensuring a total well-being of all children while continuously raising our standards for their education and care.” CB180011 Company: Over the Rainbow, Children’s Centre Address: 2-285 Jevlan Drive, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 8G6, Canada Phone: 001 905 850 3553 Web Address: Email: [email protected]