CV Canadian Business Awards 2018

2 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2018 K Largely covering most of the northern-most part of North American, boasting a greater territorial area than the United States of America, Canada has an extremely varied topography. Boasting one of the best economies across the world, Canada has proven itself amongst the world’s elite. It is for this reason the 2018 Canadian Business Awards aims to recognise the incredible work done by the companies and individuals which make Canada the economic powerhouse it is today. Currently prospering in its second year, the 2018 Canadian Business Awards will once again be an accurate representation of the best this country has offered in a myriad of sectors and industries. We aim to only recognise and highlight the excellent levels of performance and dedication from the best and the brightest individuals & organisations. We seek to reward those who have consistently go above and beyond to achieve greatness throughout the past 12 months. Welcome to the Canadian Business Awards 2018