Canadian Business Awards 2020

30 CORPORATE VISION / Canadian Business Awards 2020 , Since opening its doors in the heart of South Granville Gallery Row in 2002, the Kurbatoff Gallery has been the place to go for artists and art lovers. For the last 18 years, the team has shown a thorough commitment to promoting contemporary Canadian artists, managing to endorse, encourage and curate a mix of the emerging, the mid-career and the well-established. Deep ties with local artists ensure that new and original perspectives can lead the way, with the capable guidance of owners and directors Elena Kurbatoff and Constantine Kurbatoff guaranteeing that the best can be seen by all. The Gallery boasts a sometimes eclectic, but always fascinating combination of paintings, sculptures and photography that means there is always a medium and style for everyone. Solo and group exhibitions are held throughout the year demonstrating the impressive variety within the contemporary art scene. With all pieces available for purchase, the Gallery must achieve the fine balance between quality and price that means art is available for all audiences. One of the services that the Kurbatoff Gallery can offer is consultations for individuals and corporate clients. This has proven to be one of the more exciting opportunities for artists that are being showcased by the Gallery, as it allows the talented artists to meet those interested in their art. In this way, the Gallery is able to support artists by finding appropriate homes for their creations, with people who understand the deeper meaning of a piece. Matching the right client with the right artist is a precious skill and must grow from a Best Commercial Art Gallery 2020 - Vancouver Art is an essential part of howwe understand ourselves. Through paint and pigment, it is possible to bring different aspects of ourselves to the fore. The Kurbatoff Gallery has long been a placewhere artists can showcase their talents, with an incredible diversity in style and medium being the uniting factor. We delved a little deeper into this Gallery to find out how they’ve achieved this award-winning success. Jan20032 relationship that develops over time. Delivery of these pieces throughout the Greater Vancouver area with professional packaging is an option and shipping is available worldwide. An example of the commitment to showcase local talent can be seen in the exhibitions that are held. Recent examples show the broad spectrum on which they run, with a three-week Group Exhibition of New Works by a variety of Gallery Artists being followed by a showcase of local artist Valerie Raynard, and her delightful display portraying the way in which nature interacts with man-made devices. The variations on this theme demonstrate her impressive talent, with the softness of the British Columbian hills at dusk and the unpredictability of the sea contrasting with the bold geometrics of the ships that generate the area’s industry. One of the ways in which the Kurbatoff Gallery assists in the development of young artists is through supporting organizations, such as Arts Umbrella and its flagship fundraising event and art auction, Splash. Thanks to the commitment of the Gallery to this movement, Arts Umbrella have been able to continue in its mission to inspire creativity in society’s youngest, especially those who would not otherwise be able to gain access to high-quality arts programs. When it comes to art, it would be fair to say that most don’t know much, but they know what they like. When trying to find a sense of what contemporary Canadian art is, the Kurbatoff Gallery is the place to find pieces that are a little bit different and explore new ideas. It showcases the best that art has to offer, from a profoundly Canadian perspective. Contact Details Kurbatoff Gallery Elena Kurbatoff