Canadian Business Awards 2020

CORPORATE VISION / Canadian Business Awards 2020 7 Reverence for Life Hitch (adopted) Hitch came into our care back in the summer of 2012. She was found collapsed on the side of a busy highway, three hours outside of Winnipeg. With temperatures soaring into the 30s (celsius) she was suffering from extreme dehydration and malnourishment and she could barely get one foot in front of the other. A kind man stopped for her after watching many cars and trucks pass her by. Once at the shelter, she was immediately brought over to our vet, where it was determined she would need extensive treatment for severe mange, lice, sun burns and infection. After several months of treatment in the shelter, she found her forever home with one of the shelter staff. Hitch’s fur finally grew back and she is now happy and healthy and loves coming to work every day to greet customers. Nicks (adopted) Nicks was found abandoned 3 hours north of the Winnipeg alone in a garbage landfill. She had a severely injured leg which had been wrapped tightly in a bandage. After being seen by the vet it was suspected the bandage had been left on for 2-3 weeks prior to her discovery. When the bandage was removed it was discovered that her entire leg was filled with infection and basically falling off. An emergency amputation was done right away. Nicks also came in malnourished with several pelvis fractures, prolapsed rectum and nerve damage in her hind quarters, leaving her with no control over her bladder or bowels. It took many months of different medications and tests to get her to where she is today. Her leg has fully healed and she is now as quick as a whip, and sports some fancy Pampers. She is now happy in her forever home with a family who loves her. “Treat them with kindness. Give them your love. These wondrous creatures are gifts from above.” philosophy so mocked and rejected 20 years ago has become widespread with care and adoption are now the norm. In many ways, it was Carla’s commitment to an innovative approach that not only brought the charity such success but also set the standards for those who would follow in this field of interest. Carla and the Shelter have received numerous awards and recognition, including an award for the Best of Animal Advocates – 2019 from the Ian & Rochelle Laing Family Foundation and an Award of Excellence from The Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce. The NHL Winnipeg Jets Hockey Association Wives picked the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter as their first ever Giving Back to the Community. This involved Winnipeg Jets Players holding adoptable pets and producing a calendar. Grammy Award winner, Miranda Lambert, chose the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter as her Charity of Choice for her Little Red Wagon campaign on her Wildcard Tour 2020. These actions and acknowledgements not only raise the profile of the organization but reward the hard work of the volunteers and staff through the recognition of their hard work. The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter does an incredible job protecting the pets of tomorrow from the people of today. With a strong moral center, it is easy to see the timeless appeal that the charity holds with people. With limited funding, it is perhaps this ability to encourage people to gather round that has made it the organization that it is today. Whatever the reason, the result is something that all can be truly proud of. Over 1000 animals are adopted every year from the Shelter, which means that 1000 animals receive the second chance that they deserve. Carla is firm in her belief that “kindness is the foundation of our shelter”. Contact Details Contact: Carla Martinelli-Irvine, Founder & Executive Director Address: 3062 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3K 0Y1 Telephone: 204-832-9880 Email: [email protected] Website: