Corporate Coaching Awards 2019

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2019 13 , Group NB Best International Full-Service Staffing Solutions 2019 Oct19608 Finding the right person for a job can be amore time-consuming task than it may first appear. Specialising in recruitment services for the transportation, logistics and supply chain industries, and operating withmore than fifty years’ combined experience, Group NB is one of 2019’s best international full-service staffing solutions. Discover more about the firm’s work as we profile them following their win in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2019. Group NB’s approach to recruitment is brilliantly simple; it focuses on providing specific and detailed job postings to ensure that both employer and jobseeker can find the right fit. By ensuring that job listings are accurate, administrative time can be reduced and the hiring process becomes faster and more efficient. Taking into consideration not just the end goal of finding the right candidate, but also the manpower and hours going into the hiring process, the firm’s professional, fast, and efficient service maximises productivity and profitability for all involved. Recruiting in four main areas, candidates and companies can look for and advertise for roles that are temporary, permanent, international, and warehouse-focused. Each division of Group NB’s recruitment is completely customisable, so that the firm can create the management assistance program that works best for the client. There is something for everyone, be it part-time temporary work in a warehouse facility, or a full-time and long-term job that may be the perfect job. The firm’s offering of a full-service staffing solution internationally continues to stand it head and shoulders above the competition. With international and warehouse recruitment services being more specific than general job postings, Group NB combined it seamlessly with the existing two divisions. The result is that the firm has become a self-titled “one shop stop”, where candidates looking for the right job might just find one to stay in for a very long time. For many industries operating today, speed, efficiency and adaptability are key to address constantly evolving workforces. Pairing highly-skilled employees from around the world with top-tier businesses for more than twelve years, Group NB prides itself on its ability to offer the best recruitment services that are tailored precisely to any client specifications. Whether individuals are looking for a job to suit their skillset, or a firm is looking for that perfect applicant with all the right qualifications and experience, this firm understand exactly what needs to be done, before setting out to make it happen. Crucially, the firm do not rely on one single channel of communication to entice potential employees or companies in search of top- quality candidates. Using every available tool in their kit, the staff at Group NB scour the world in search of nothing but the best. Internal staff experience, which has been refined over years of service, means that the firm can narrow down candidates to only those that could be the one for companies needing a qualified and experienced individual to step in and do a job quickly. Employment does not need to be the time-consuming and tedious process that it can become. Instead, using the expertise, diligence, and international renown that has been refined over years of pairing companies with candidates, Group NB are creating harm- onious workplaces across the world where people enjoy going to work each and every day. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Group NB Contact: Nathalie Babineau Website: