Corporate Coaching Awards 2019

14 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2019 , Recruitment Entrepreneur: Best Recruitment Start-Up Investment Firm - UK Nov19063 When starting your own business, finding an investor who understands what you need is vital to eventual success. Recruitment Entrepreneur brings its intense focus on one industry to help budding business leaders develop their corporate vision. In the light of its award- winning success, we caught up with this ambitious investment firm to find out more. the partner to do what they do best in terms of billing, business development and building a strong team culture. The joint venture onboarding process for Recruitment Entrepreneur is rigorous. A highly selective approach ensures when they partner with a new portfolio business it works well. Recruitment Entrepreneur don’t just look at the financial viability of a company, but also its cultural alignment. As this firm has a strong collegiate feel, ensuring that the different busi- ness leaders get along is crucial. Part of what Recruitment Entrepreneur offers is the ability for like-minded individuals to get together and share experiences and knowledge at regular CEO forums and portfolio-wide events. Find- ing investment is relatively straight-forward but finding a support network like Recruitment Entrepreneur is truly unique. Once a Recruitment Entrepreneur portfolio partner, the firm works alongside the start-up to hone business plans and clarify the USP of the business. Ensuring that the applicant has the right mindset and ability to run their own business is key, as for many this is the first time starting up on their own. Training and coaching are provided for everyone, with external coaches assisting in the delivery of best practice information. The senior management team at Recruit- ment Entrepreneur have a proven record of successfully scaling businesses into market leaders, and the company is well-equipped to manage all aspects of this process. Every effort is placed into creating businesses that not only achieve financial security but gain excellent reputations and have a real impact within their chosen market. Early stage portfo- lio partners are able to track the progress and Since starting in 2013, this global investor in recruitment start-ups has gone from strength to strength. With backing from James Caan CBE, the firm has 30 talented founders across 21 global office lo- cations so far, allowing the company to make a difference in the world of recruitment. In just a five-year period, Recruitment Entrepreneur has rapidly expanded its operation; starting with a headcount of 11, it now employs 210 people within the portfolio. Now a £40M turn- over business, it’s growing at an enviable rate of 139% year on year. Offering not just financial support, but knowl- edge and the best way to apply it, Recruitment Entrepreneur partners with recruitment start- ups to ensure ultimate success and a high equity value on exit. This partnership model is what has lifted Recruitment Entrepreneur above and beyond other investment firms. Recruitment Entrepreneur’s services span all of the back-office functions, carefully designed to support portfolio partners with the strategic, operational and marketing needed to launch and scale a business. This assistance allows journey of those nearing exits in the compa- ny’s portfolio, showing the clear roadmap of success from start to finish. A key attraction for partners who come to Recruitment Entrepreneur is the potential for individual development and growth. The entrepreneurial environment of every business under Recruitment Entrepreneur means that there is incredible potential for fast-tracked progress for employees and early ownership on delivery of new ideas and opportunities. In all, encouraging these businesses to grow will establish a significant market share for Recruit- ment Entrepreneur and its portfolio partners. In the future, Recruitment Entrepreneur antic- ipates more AI, recruitment apps and technol- ogy led changes in the industry. Although their portfolio businesses are focused on high value placements, they recognise the need to adapt in a rapidly evolving market and remain com- mitted to providing the best level of service to their portfolio partners. Recruitment Entrepreneur aims to grow businesses quickly and efficiently. It supplies everything needed to support partner com- panies through a period of rapid growth. With the end result providing a high equity exit for clients, it is no wonder that this firm has enjoyed such a wonderful period of contin- ued success. Contact: Sam Proctor Website: Telephone: 02070487967