Corporate Coaching Awards 2019

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2019 15 , Most Dedicated Charitable Medical Aid HR Director 2019: Medecins Sans Frontières Nov19339 Coming together in times of dire need is one of humanity’s greatest strengths. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as DoctorsWithout Borders, is the world’s leading independent international medical relief organizations. Named as theMost Dedicated CharitableMedical Aid HR Director, David Epstein has been an instrumental figure at management level for the American office of the organization. We examined the man, and the firm, to learnmore about their remarkable works. neutrality in conflict situations, maintains impartiality in the name of medical ethics, and independence through gaining funding from private donations. Whilst additional funding may come from foundations, governments, and international institutions, much of the work that MSF does is augmented by the generosity of the general public. Behind the outstanding staff delivering this care on the frontlines, is a management team that embodies the organization’s desire to help people irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Director of Domestic Human Resources for the US office of MSF is David Esptein, a member of the management team working on strategic human resources issues ranging from diversity and talent manament, to international benefits and wellness initiatives. With more than twenty years of human resources experience, David has been a steadfast member of the community since graduating with a master’s and post-master’s degree in management and international law employment. Recognised as a Certified Diversity Professional, Senior Certified HR Professional, Career Management Fellow, and a Certified Wellness Practitioner, David continues to help form the management backbone of MSF as it helps those most in need across the world. In December alone, MSF has been working hard on the frontlines in some of the deva- stated countries on Earth. In Haiti, where the health crisis continues to deepen with every day, the organization have been responsible for opening a trauma hospital in Port-Au-Prince. A truly worldwide movement that encapsulates the best of what humanity can do, MSF has been implementing and managing medical projects across the world since the organization’s humble beginnings in 1971. Today, the firm has more than thirty offices and associations, all equally focused on delivering emergency medical and humanitarian relief to some of the most harshly-affected areas in the world. For almost fifty years, the organization has been helping areas with no health or sanitary systems, where medical assistance is invaluable to people affected by conflict, natural disasters, disease epidemics, malnutrition, and other emergencies. The organization was founded on three main principles that have continued to form its cornerstone to today; neutrality, impartiality, and independence. The firm observes In South Sudan, where half a million people are affected by massive flooding, MSF has brought in mobile clinics that offer vital supplies and healthcare. Without the management support and human resources knowledge that David brings to the team at the organization’s US office, the staff on the frontlines of these crises would not be able to do the job they are doing. Having been with MSF for nearly eight years, David’s work continues to empower, enable, and enlarge the sphere of influence that the organization has. Ensuring that the workforce is totally supported in every sense of the word, David’s human resources knowledge has proven key in helping not just the organization’s own people, but those all over the world. Vitally, David’s work supports everybody at MSF, either directly or indirectly. His ability to empower individuals at the organization’s US office begins a chain reaction of helping more people across the world. Bringing a wealth of certified corporate knowledge and proficiency within human resources in particular has seen MSF continue to be the beacon of hope for so many stricken countries. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Medecins Sans Frontières Contact: David Epstein | Website: