Franchise Awards 2019

8 Corporate Vision - 2019 Franchise Awards , Hommati Hommati’s founder, Jerry Clum, is a serial entrepreneur who believes in setting the trend rather than following them. He creates predictive models based on demographic shifts and trends and then determines the best business model to take advantage of the upcoming trends. He has createdmultiple franchise systems as the pioneer of new industries and has grown them to as large as 750 franchise units in 46 states, seven countries and $350million in annual revenues. Most Innovative Real Estate Franchise Hommati has created some of the most innovative technology available to help agents build and promote their own personal brand, while at the same time, promote their listings. Hommati’s Augmented Reality (AR Home) puts a digital clone of the Listing Agent in front of each of their listings so they can introduce themselves to potential buyers who drive by the property. AR Card turns an agent’s business card into an agent biography video that plays in the client’s hand. Hommati Curb Leads are helping agents increase their sign leads. Since smartphones have become the norm, many potential buyers forgo calling the agent from the for-sale sign and instead just search the internet for the price and pics on their smartphone. Hommati helps the agent generate more sign leads than ever before. By giving potential buyers the path of least resistance, simply texting a three-digit code, they immediately receive a link with the full listing details and the agent simultaneously receives a real-time text with the buyer’s phone number and letting them know the buy is currently in front of their listing. Hommati has also found there’s a direct correlation between the amount of time a potential buyer spends looking at a listing and whether that buyer converts into an inquiry for the agent. Agents are finding that dynamic visual content, such as 3D Tours, VR Tours, Aerial Videos, Schematic Floor Plans and Video Slideshows can increase the number of inquiries by as much as 400% as compared to listings that only use photography. One of the main reasons is that buyers spend more time exploring listings which utilize these services. For example, a potential buyer spends an average of 3 minutes and 38 seconds longer exploring a listing that has a 3D tour available. Hommati has leveraged their buying position as a national brand and they offer a listing package that includes a 3D Tour, VR Tour, Aerial Video, HD Photography, Floor Plan, Brochure Creation and a Video slide show for only $229, which is not much more than what many agents are paying for photography alone. 3D Tours can also help agents save time. Instead of taking buyers out to show them 10 homes, they can ask buyers to review the 3D Tours first and then take them out to show them the top two or three homes they like the most. Hommati is growing quickly with 65 franchisees already awarded in 24 states. “While we want to grow quickly, we feel it’s important to control our growth and only award franchises to the candidates that best fit our model. We are very particular about who is awarded a franchise. We’re looking for candidates who are extremely passionate about this concept, who are good communicators, aren’t afraid to go out and talk to agents and who want to follow a system,” says Jerry Clum, founder and CEO of Hommati. The real estate market is changing very quickly. Millennials are going to be the majority of homebuyers by 2025. They were born using technology and expect a digital experience in almost everything they do. Because they grew up with video games and computers, they are more visual based than previous generations. 92 percent of homes are being found on the Internet. In order for a home to get noticed in all the clutter out there, real estate agents need to use dynamic visual content. Hommati’s goal is to utilize technology to help agents win more listings, regain control of their buyer leads, increase their efficiency and to sell more homes. For more information, please go to Company: Hommati Name: Jerry Clum Web: