Corporate Vision Issue 10 2018

12 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2018 , 1810CV17 Lastline provides AI-powered Network Threat Analytics and Email Security products that eliminate the disruption of vital business processes. Having been named a winner in our Corporate Excellence Awards as ‘Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 - Cyber Security’, we profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its phenomenal success. The Lastline of (Cyber) Defence Founded in 2011, by Drs. Engin Kirda, Christopher Krue- gel, and Giovanni Vigna, three of the world’s most influential academic researchers in cybersecurity, Lastline draws on their vast experience to support its clients. The company’s path is informed by the founders’ world-renowned research on network security, malware analysis, and evasion techniques, academically-rooted rigor, innovative approaches to network breach protection, and a passion for improving enterprise cybersecurity. Combined with directly seeking input from current customers on their needs and challenges, this results in a development roadmap that implements the best possible technology, aimed at solving the highest-priority challenges. Today, the company’s AI-powered technology detects advanced threats attempting to enter or operating within enterprise net- works and provides the visibility security teams need to quickly and completely respond before a costly and damaging data breach. Through its work, Lastline is innovating the way mid-to-large enterprises worldwide defeat cyberattacks with software that re- quires fewer resources and costs less than existing security tools. Lastline’s ability to detect advanced threats attempting to enter a network is unmatched. The company’s patented Deep Content Inspection™ provides visibility into all of the specific behaviors any piece of malware is designed to execute, while remaining undetectable by at- tackers. The company’s technol- ogy is the highest-rated breach detection engine on the market as supported by independent testing organization NSS Labs. Lastline achieved 100 percent ratings in both Breach Detection and overall Security Effectiveness in the NSS Labs’ 2017 Breach Detection Sys- tems group test; and the company earned this distinction two years in a row. In addition, Lastline technology monitors for anomalous activity generated by malware already operating on a network. It ana- lyzes network activity informed by the company’s vast repository of known malicious behaviors to distinguish between benign and malicious network anomalies. This deterministic approach de- tects network breach activity early in an attack, with very few false positives. The firm’s offering is vital in today’s market. After all, cyber- criminals continually develop new attacks, find new vulnerabilities, add ways to evade detection, and create innovative techniques for compromising networks. The greatest challenge facing security professionals is the never-ending stream of new attacks against which they must defend their organization. And they must do so with insufficient resources due to the well-documented security skills gap. Most security tools flood analysts with isolated alerts, many of which are false positives that waste precious time and expertise. They provide binary “good/bad” alerts or behavioral anomalies without context or explanation, requiring research to: determine if they are malicious or not; and, the full extent of the attack to inform full remediation. After all, not all anomalies are malicious, and not all attacks are anomalous. Security teams need to know the complete scope of the attack, with all systems and activity that are part of the attack connected into a single incident. This visibility, which Lastline provides, sepa- rates benign anomalies from mali- cious attacks, enables the triaging of alerts, and directs resources to efficiently and completely remedi- ate attacks. To remain at the forefront of emerging developments, Lastline stays ahead of the criminals by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to its unmatched malware behavior analysis plus network traffic analysis. Only by analyzing both can an organization detect advanced threats, with minimal false positives. This is what Lastline calls AI Done Right. It focuses security teams on the highest priority threats, improves efficiency, and supports complete remediation of an attack. Additionally, Lastline maintains an online Global Threat Intelligence Network that contains terabytes of data on all of the malicious activity analyzed and curated by Lastline, its partners, and its customers. All customers have access, which speeds dissemination of information about new attacks, and informs network analysis to identify the truly malicious attacks. Looking to the future, Lastline is set for tremendous growth. The company is in the right market (network security), with the right product (AI-powered network traffic analytics), at the right time. Network security is a top priority, and given the shortage of qualified new hires, companies are turning to technology to fill the gap, and Lastline aims to support them and provide them with solu- tions they can rely on. Company: Lastline Address: 203 Redwood Shores Parkway, Suite 500 Redwood City, California 94065 USA Phone: 001-877-671-3239 Web Address: