Corporate Vision Issue 10 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2018 37 , 1808CV10 ZaffranDining Experience is a legacy of gastronomic excellence derived fromdecades of research and development in visionary culinary, dedicating a unique concept for the very first time. Recently, the firmfound success inCorporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards as theMost Outstanding Catering Company 2018 - IndianCuisine. On the back of this win, we profiled the firmto discovermore about the authentic dishes the fine establishment serves. Zaffran Dining Experience: A Culinary Delight Since their inception, Zaffran Dining Experience has been a legacy of gastronomic excellence derived from decades of research and development in visionary culinary, dedicating a unique concept for the very first time. A progressive fine dining approach with traditional Indian cuisine, Zaffran Dining Experience explores a new take on presentation, flavour and textures of old favourites, in an ambience that invites and sets the mood, whether a romantic dinner for two or a night out in the town. Located conveniently in the heart of the city, Zaffran Dining Experience cater to the foodies and connoisseurs, who are seeking a culinary experience that engages the senses of their taste buds. At Zaffran Dining Experience, they maintain their established reputation within their province and community for a high standard of: • Food quality, creativity and presentation • Consistent superior service and value for money • Sanitation, appearance and overall professional etiquette The main goal of the establishment is that each of their guests receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. Additionally, Zaffran Dining Experience ensure that they maintain a clean, comfortable and well- maintained premise for both their guests and staff. Alongside providing dishes which are nutritional, well-prepared and that use only quality ingredients, the team at Zaffran Dining Experience ensure that their guests and staff are treated with both respect and dignity. By maintaining these objectives, the team at Zaffran Dining Experience shall be assured of a fair growth that will allow them to contribute to the community they serve. Moving forward, the team at Zaffran Dining Experience will continue to develop a working and learning environment of which everyone will be proud of. In addition, they will continue to celebrate their success and the opportunities to learn from and to build upon their mistakes. In addition to this, both team work and good personality traits are the only tools the establishment believe will help them to achieve their future objectives. As a premium food and beverage operation, Zaffran Dining Experience can only operate and achieve total guest satisfaction by recognising that each area is dependent upon the other in some way. Zaffran Dining Experience place a great emphasis on this as they believe that each employee is a player within the team and so they must work together to help each other to achieve the common goal. Overall, the team at Zaffran Dining Experience are very confident that these achievements will be reached due to the high calibre of skill, expertise and attitude possessed amongst the team. Contact: Nitin Shroff Address: Al Emadi Financial Square C Ring Road, Doha, Qatar Telephone: 0097477777067 Web Address: http://www.taste . qa/Zaffran_Dining.html