Issue 12 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2019 19 , Sensational Security Suppliers When it comes to sourcing security technology, it pays to ensure that it can be easily integrated into what you already have. This ability to integrate and find the solution that works for you is what drives NAUTA. NAUTA provides the best security solutions in the market and has been the sole agent of the world’s best brands in the industry since 1992. As such, we took a closer look at NAUTA, COSMO and COSMO PSIM+ to find out more. Being the market leader in security services for over 25 years, the team at NAUTA has kept the highest standards possible, providing excellent pre and post sales service for the outstanding products in their portfolio. Based on a desire to guarantee the best security solutions, together with first class quality and technology standards, the company relies on competent professionals to bring value to the solutions it provides. Part of this success is due to the many brands under their control and expertise, including COSMO, and the dedication to exploring state-of-the-art technologies to satisfy even the most demanding needs of any client. This may include high-end military, IT, infrastructure and other sensitive properties. NAUTA is an agile company, able to compete with any other business on the market with ease. Making the best use of its skilled team, some of whom have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, has proven crucial to achieving this success. With a flat management structure, every member of the crew can take an active role in all creative and daily processes. It has allowed the company to lead the way in service and product innovation. As the sole distributor of some of the most important brands in the security industry, the team has access to the latest software development products/achieve- ments, their subsequent devel- opments and most excitingly, the technological steps that have yet to be taken. While NAUTA provides an overall perspective on the security market, COSMO is a business unit dedicated to aggregating value to existing security, energy, maintenance, marketing and new systems. Created by NAUTA’s talented team to answer a chal- lenge put forward by developing technology, COSMO PSIM+ is capable of aggregating mul- ti-brand systems under a unique e-interface. It is a simple and efficient solution, that stands out due to its simplicity and provision for all the necessary components of modern building management. Freed from the confusion of us- ing different systems that do not correlate, COSMO PSIM+ man- ages all this data including video surveillance, intrusion detection, and various other management systems to enable users to identify and resolve solutions. Client service is the priority for COSMO, with a guarantee to never compete with integrators, but build a relationship of trust. This ensures preservation of quality, confidentiality and the ability to check service satisfac- tion throughout. Despite using high-tech solutions to high-tech problems, NAUTA maintains that the heart and soul of the security sector can be found in the building of rela- tionships between supplier and client. This applies everywhere and this approach is written into COSMO’s approach, right down to the interface. This is as easy to learn and operate as possi- ble through clear, step-by-step messages and carefully audited to avoid mistakes. Working alongside customers with one- man operations to multinational corporations demonstrates the broad range, appeal and scalabil- ity of a NAUTA solution. This Portugal-based company has an exciting future ahead of it, drawing on new business opportunities that NAUTA itself has inspired, often creating its own market trend. Always ready to face the next challenge, NAU- TA is looking at expanding into the high-end market on retail, transport, hospitality and health. Thanks to partners that share the ideals of NAUTA and its various subsidiaries, the firm has built up a winning structure that makes for an attractive organisation to have as a win-win partner. Guaranteed to find the solution that is best for their customers, even if they have to create it themselves, the team at NAUTA are tireless in supplying their security solutions. Their deter- mination, ingenuity and practical approach is unparalleled in the industry. It’s no surprise that NAUTA has been a market leader for over 25 years, and no surprise that this course seems set to con- tinue for the foreseeable future. Company: NAUTA Web Address: | Telephone: 00351234301900 Oct19198