Issue 3 2020

Feb20229 Valuing Integrity, Social Responsibility and Long-Term Results Tactical Management is an independent firm that provides strategic management support in global markets and specialises in dynamic wealth creation in today’s challenging economy. General Manager, Raphael Nagel, talks to us in the wake of the firm being awarded Most Outstanding Private Equity Firm of 2020 – Dubai. Tactical Management operates in three divisions; Private Equity, Multi-Family Office and Corporate Structuring and since its inception it has developed 27 projects in nine countries, with a transaction volume of US $749 million and generated 1,784 jobs. Raphael has extensive experience in the finance industry since he worked for over 17 years in management positions for international banks and investment funds. His academic background in economics and law has been forged in university centres in Germany, England and Spain. He tells us more about the firm and its objectives. “We are focused in adding value to our clients’ investment and to facilitate their next investment opportunities. “Our mission and values have never been changed, we are still committed to create attractive foreign direct investments by developing sustainable projects improving the quality of life, health and well-being of society. Our ambition is to become one of the leading developers for FDI by offering unique opportunities to our clients and sustainable innovation to the markets. Tactical Management values the integrity, social responsibility and long- term results.” Tactical Management’s approach to investments is unique and this is one of the key elements which sets it aside from competitors in a similar field. “We avoid the hard-line strategy typical for the private equity firms by looking only into the balance sheet, and instead we take value of the people behind the company, their culture and the legacy,” Raphael explains. “We are selling specialised knowledge and we think outside of the box. This approach helps us to discover hidden opportunities. We are creating an important bridge, connecting our clients and the right people. “Remarkably, we also operate in the tourism sector, one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. One in five jobs worldwide has been created by the tourism sector, making it the best partner for government in creating jobs. We have advised buyers in the area during acquisition processes within the tourism sector in the Iberian Peninsula, Greece, Italy and Switzerland, as well as in the Latin America.” Raphael likens Tactical Management to being similar to a small family, albeit a very successful one! “Our company culture is to develop unique investment strategy based on social impact,” he says. “Our clients are already investors and high-up professionals. Most often, our clients come from referrals and our network grows by word of mouth. “We have assembled a global network of multidisciplinary systematic thinkers to design and deliver our bespoke personalised services. Our team are the company’s “cream of the crop”, they are highly competitive and contributing their dynamic commerciality and business sense who can make the quick transition from the sell-side to the buy-side and think like an investor.” With regards to the future, Raphael concludes that the firm has definite areas of focus and is looking forward to further growth in certain geographical locations. “Going forward, we are currently focusing on different areas of the world, mainly in Europe, Africa and LATAM. We have reasons to believe that there is astounding growth investment potential especially in Africa and LATAM who have been underdeveloped despite having the rich natural resources and growing young population.” Contact: Raphael Nagel | General Manager Company: Tactical Management DWC LLC Address: Al Abraj St. Business Bay, The Binary, Office 1809 Telephone: +97145549727 Web Address: