Issue 4 2020

Issue 4 2020 17 Jan20073 The joys of running a small business come from being your own boss, able to ensure a connection with a small team and staff and loyal customers on the lookout for good service. The challenges, however, come in the form of paperwork for taxes and trying to ensure the business is fit for the future. The team at Palfreyman Chartered Accountants is fully equipped to help with this, offering a wide range of services to businesses around the world. Proud winner of the 2020 Corporate Excellence Award for Best Specialist Small Business Accounting Firm 2020 – Australia, we turn our attention to this talented team to find out more. Based in Hunter Valley, famed for its fine wines, Palfreyman Chartered Accountants has made its name helping small businesses to make the most of the resources available to them. Not providing a specific service, this group of experienced business professionals have a unique interest in educating and empowering its clients to become more effective businesspeople. To achieve this aim is no easy task, and involves a combination of all the talents available to the firm. Led by industry leaders, it’s no surprise that businesses turn time and time again to this formidable force for assistance. The team at Palfreyman Chartered Accountants is able to provide its clients with constant tax planning and strategic management opportunities, ensuring that they always know that their businesses are heading in the right direction and that their obligations are clear. The provision of financial services is just another service that the company offers to help businesses out. Small businesses may seem like an oddly specific choice, but the need for specificity is crucial when accountancy has so many potential client bases. The market is quite sustainable, with the potential for significant service growth. Providing clients with top quality advice at a reasonable price is the Palfreyman Chartered Accountants approach, working alongside their businesses and twisting them to best suit the market of tomorrow. This can take a number of different forms from mentoring, strategic planning and performance reviews all the way through to taxation, business and software advice. As the company pays such attention to ensuring that none of their clients is left behind, they have been able to achieve an impressive success rate. One of the ways in which Palfreyman Chartered Accountants differs in operation is in how it runs. Instead of the standard management model used in the finance industry, a holacratic approach takes the power out of the hands of the partners and places it in the hands of the workforce at large. Because all staff members have the opportunity to initiate change and self- manage, Palfreyman Chartered Accountants Putting Small Business First has become an incredibly dynamic, evolving practice. It means that the company has an impressively broad perspective, with each of its procedures, visions and ethics being the product of multiple peoples’ experiences and thoughts. This is just one of the ways in which the business is able to ensure that its suggestions are applicable to businesspeople from all walks of life. Taking such a personal approach is key to the way that Palfreyman Chartered Accountants operates, and is reflected in the interactions the business has with charity. Keenly working alongside community groups and not-for- profit organisations, the team has gained a great deal of kudos for its ability to truly make a difference. Not only does this work have a positive effect on the community locally, but it feeds back into the business. The staff at Palfreyman Chartered Accountants have an exceptional ability to adapt their service delivery to suit their audience, allowing them to deliver compassionate, logical service to their clients. The work of small businesses is difficult, and having a helping hand from a team like Palfreyman Chartered Accountants can be incredibly beneficial. Invested in making sure that companies make the best decisions from the options available, it’s this respectful attitude that keeps people coming back for more. Company: Palfreyman Chartered Accountants Contact: Simone Palfreyman Website: “...Palfreyman Chartered Accountants can be incredibly beneficial. Invested in making sure that companies make the best decisions from the options available, it’s this respectful attitude that keeps people coming back for more.”