Corporate Vision Issue 5

26 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 2018 , BackBox is a customer centric technology company that prides itself on developing and nurturing sustainable relationships beneficial to all within the BackBox ecosystem.We profiled the company as we look to gain insight into RafiZvi who has been named as CV’sMost Influential CEOof the Year in Software and Security in the 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards. Centralising the Security and Network Device Community Through Intelligent Automation Software Founded in 2009, BackBox was established on market driven demands for a consolidated automated configuration backup and recovery solution. Over the years, BackBox has been able to cement itself as an innovative, market leading pioneer of the Intelligent Automation landscape. As an agile global organisation, with local representation in all major regions, BackBox has a unique overall view of industry trends, heavily influenced by customer requirements. Predominantly, clients and customers relying on BackBox comprise of private and publicly traded organisations, government entities and everything in between. Based on BackBox’s unique solution, the ever-evolving product offering addresses needs of every organisation; no matter the size, scale or vertical, made possible by the company’s flexible licensing and pricing models to support a variety of deployment requirements across the globe. Catering to the needs of various clients across the globe, BackBox is the leading provider of Intelligent Automation for all Security and Networking devices, providing the ability to automate the backup and secure storage of device configurations, single-click recovery, real-time inventory management, custom task automation, pre-emptive health checks and infrastructure compliance (IntelliChecks), as well as controlled, logged and recorded access to all devices via BackBox’s Access Management functionality. Alongside its glowing reputation in the sector, there has also been significant enhancement and evolution of the BackBox solution which can be attributed in part, to the years of hands-on experience of its expert product development team and the inclusion of many feature requests directly from the company’s customers. Customers are able to leverage BackBox to manage all of its device configuration backups, allowing BackBox to relay additional useful information back to the end users regarding the status of their devices. Additionally, the technology can assist them with the prediction of when and where a disaster is more likely to occur thus helping organisations to proactively prevent these disasters. Highlighting its standing within the technology sector, BackBox supports over 150 technology 1804CV38 brands, and offers a simple, consolidated and centralised approach to automating the backup, recovery and management of all devices on the network. A key factor contributing to the success of BackBox has been its ability to deliver unrivalled service to customers. Aiming to exceed expectations, the team at BackBox leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of deliverable excellence; both product and service. As a customer centric technology company, a big part of the organisation’s success over the years can be attributed to the unique relationships created between BackBox, its customers and partner community. Ingrained in the BackBox corporate culture is the necessity to listen,