Corporate Vision Issue 6

18 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 , IDealogic ® Brand Lab is a strategic creative agency based inHouston, Texas.We spoke to RuthNetanel aswe look tofind out the secrets behind the organisation’s extensive success. Creating Brands with Passionate, Loyal Followings Founded in 2001, IDealogic ® builds profitable relationships between companies and people using a scientific approach to branding, marketing and advertising. With it, the team at IDealogic ® develops Fortune 500-calibre brand identities for small to mid-market companies who are looking to grow their market share. Ruth starts off the discussion by going into detail about the work that the company does for clients, and what services the expert team offers. “To raise our clients’ perceived value and position them as industry leaders in their markets, we create alluring visual identities, tell inspiring brand stories, and nurture passionate, loyal followings. Client partners utilise our logic and strategy to get free from stuck spots; see through blind spots; turn pain points into gain points; and ultimately, create the bond between Brand to Human ® .” A crucial aspect of the company’s success is due to its proprietary Brand Science SM , built around the acquisition and analysis of consumer and industry data. Eliminating the guesswork about what works ensures that clients receive the best possible outcome. By using a science- based branding approach that appeals directly to human nature, IDealogic ® is able to stand out from the crowd and establish excellent relationships with its client partners. Ruth comments on what attributes the company possesses to differentiate itself from competitors, including its striking ability to understand the needs of customers. “Customers today are looking for more than one-off, transaction- focused purchase interactions; they demand more from brands than ever before. Customers expect companies to have a purpose beyond profit. We work closely with our client partners to find the purpose that drives them to do the work they do. Whether they are looking to change the world, help their communities, or just be the best they can be at what they do, we transform their business models into brand models built around purpose, values, and meaning. Customers, staff, and leadership reap the rewards of this accomplishment. We believe there is no greater feeling, no deeper happiness, than helping others achieve their goals. That’s why our goal is to create brands with purpose. “Clients choose IDealogic ® to become part of something greater. We have over 30 years of branding, marketing, and advertising experience collectively, with a mastery of complete brand development and visual communications. Because of our expertise and Brand to Human ® philosophy, we’ve become thought leaders in developing solutions based on human nature, inclusive culture, and lifestyle. We take a holistic approach to brand design and development, engineering and implementing complete brand strategies so that all aspects of the company are unified with aesthetics, messaging, and purpose. This creates culture, purpose, and values-based alignment that appeals to and resonates with our clients’ ideal customers.” Internally, staff are motivated towards achieving the company’s mission of empowering companies and people in order to be the catalysts that invoke a movement of change. Ruth outlines the company values that are embedded in the ethos of the company, and the important role these values play in ensuring only the best results are delivered. 1805CV39 “We believe a vital company element is its internal culture. Over the years we have worked hard to build an open and honest environment, so we can work together as a team and create the best work possible. The culture here is tied into our core values, which serve as our moral compass: G enuine, E mpower, N urture, E thos, T rust; I nitiative; C ommitment; and S ignificance. Our G.E.N.E.T.I.C.S. make up who we are and give the company life, direction, meaning, and purpose. “Across the sector, we believe in being genuine and honest in our work, with our clients, and with each other. Our mission is to empower people, including one another, our clients, their organisations, and their customers. Our process nurtures and guides clients to a deeper perspective of their company. “As for our ethos, we promise to live by and loyally protect our ideology, ethics, values, character, and culture. We believe that trust is at the centre of every meaningful relationship. We live by initiative and promise to do the right thing without being told; and when something needs to be done, we do it! We are committed to our clients’ success