Corporate Vision Issue 8

36 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2018 , Established in 2003, FinACo is a tax and accounting advisory firmbased out of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. InMay, Corporate VisionMagazine named the Owner andManaging Partner of FinACo, Florica Cira, among the winners of the esteemed Corporate Excellence Awards with the title of Most Influential Woman in Tax and Accounting. On the back of this well-deserved win, we took amoment to look back at Florica’s achievements and path to success. Romania’s Most Influential Woman in Tax Advisory For the last fifteen years, Florica has been a stalwart of the Romanian advisory arena, with a honed talent for tax, accounting and payroll consultancy. As the Owner and Managing Partner of FinACo, she has helped guide businesses to a better financial future, navigating the often complex and convoluted arena with a dexterity that only tested experience can provide. In this, she is considered one of the best advisors in the country. Starting her academic pursuits with an interest in pure accountancy, she completed her Master’s Degree in Economics and Company Management from Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, in 1998. From there, she started FinACo with the aim of utilising her skills to help companies struggling to succeed in a highly competitive economy. Building FinACo on a platform of competence, independence, and involvement with a client- focused outlook at the core, Florica is an ardent believer that good consultancy is defined by preparedness, dedication, and an eagerness to learn continuously. Moreover, Florica is a keen participant in the tax community, eager to keep up-to-date with the latest news and laws surrounding the field. For Romania, where the laws surrounding tax seem to be particularly reactive, keeping at the cutting edge of the sector is utterly crucial to lasting success. Indeed, since January of this year, Romania has implemented fiscal changes that have had a dramatic impact on businesses in the country. From social security changes that have put pressure on raising the gross wage of employees, to changes to VAT that require late payers to apply to the VAT split system – the landscape is shifting in ways that have created confusion for those operating in the area, leading to a growing need for expert advisory. By all regards, Florica Cira -a practised accountant with almost two decades of experience – is 1806CV08 well placed to be this expert voice and was the only choice for the Most Influential Woman in Tax accolade. Company: FinACo S.R.L Address: Stefan Augustin Doinas, nr.2, ap.13 Cluj-Napoca, Romania Website: Telephone: 0040 364 11 33 31