Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2020

May20025 Most Innovative Supply Chain Company – UK & Best Customer Focused Solution: Customer Hub After twelve years of operating under the name Redfern International, Ligentia was born in 2006 following an acquisition that enhanced UK presence whilst entering the markets in China. With additional acquisitions and collaborations, Ligentia quickly built a network that now covers the UK, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong. Alongside an extremely robust community of partners, the firm is now able to provide logistics services all over the world. The primary objective of Ligentia is to make moving goods across the world simple, for businesses of any size and shape. Today, Ligentia has two concise business channels; Ligentia Enterprise and Ligentia Plus. Ligentia Enterprise pulls together the supply chain experts across the business to analyse, review, and implement solutions to drive down costs whilst creating agile and responsive supply chains working across global supplier networks. Ligentia Plus is the freight-forwarding part of the business, providing the best customer service to those organisations looking for a fast and efficient service. With no shareholders, Ligentia customers can benefit from quick decision-making, and an asset-light structure maintains its customer-first approach to doing business. Whilst technology does play a key role in Ligentia’s ongoing success, it is the people that remain at the heart of the work. Receiving ongoing praise across its customer portfolio, the teams across the globe are renowned for delivering above and beyond what clients have come to expect. Having refined its experience over more than twenty years, Ligentia has extensive multimodal expertise in supporting supply chains worldwide, from ocean freight to rail freight. Managing these complicated supply chains has been made even more difficult with the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic, and yet it has also served to demonstrate just how well Ligentia teams are able to redirect their expertise and efforts to those sectors that require support. With the high demand of PPE globally, Ligentia has been fortunate enough to build new relationships within the medical industry, and has successfully moved consolidated air charters into multiple destination points. Likewise, Ligentia has proudly aligned to several not-for-profit initiatives to support the quick delivery of PPE to key workers. One of the awards that Ligentia has received is thanks to its fantastic customer-based solution, Customer Hub. Launched earlier this year, Customer Hub is a new way for Ligentia to engage and inform on one simple platform. With the ability for Ligentia customers to access both data and the customer service team, there has never been an easier way to connect with an international supply chain provider. Customer Hub can integrate shipment details with the flow of information in a single view, meaning Ligentia customers only have one place to go, and no conversations need to happen outside of the platform itself. Thanks to advancements in machine learning, optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence, Customer Hub is largely automated, meaning faster and more accurate responses to customers at all times. Customer Hub forms part of Ligentia’s proprietary software Ligentix, alongside three further modules; Purchase Order Management, Shipment Visibility and Analytics. All of which are developed with one clear objective, to change the way Ligentia’s customers can access and respond to real- time data. This kind of digital supply chain technology will no doubt have a significant impact on global operations moving forward. Supply chains have suffered huge impacts during the COVID-19 outbreak, primarily from a supply side in China and then from a demand side as other countries were impacted. Predictive analytics may have struggled to understand this new behaviour, but should be used on a wider basis in global supply chains to help understand and manage operations. Understanding and predicting patterns within supply chains should not be based on anecdotal evidence or individual experiences, as the human mind cannot compute the thousands of eventualities in today’s inter-linked supply chains. Innovations in supply chain and customer-focused solutions are always welcome, and often a huge factor in how the industry as a whole moves forward from something such as this. Ligentia has proven itself, time and time again, to be a force to be reckoned with in the supply chain space. This latest innovation, Customer Hub, is yet another example of why it has achieved so much success over its twenty four year lifetime. Contact: Kelly Hobson Email: [email protected] Website: www.ligentia.com/supply-chain-technology Initially founded in 1996 as Redfern International, the company that was to become Ligentia has experienced phenomenal success over the last twenty four years. Since its initial conception, Nick Jones has remained as CEO and guided the firm to double-award-winning success in this years’ iteration of the Logistics, Warehouse, and Supply Chain Awards, courtesy of Corporate Vision. We take a look at the firm to find out why it is so deserving of these two latest awards.