Private Education & Development Awards 2019

16 Corporate Vision 2019 Private Education & Development Awards , Wildchild Adventure Best School Residential Adventure Trip Provider 2019 - Southern England Dedicated to helping children to explore the wonders of the great outdoors, Wildchild Adventure offers residential school trips and outdoor adventure days for primary and secondary schools, as well as youth groups based across the UK. Celebrating the firm’s success in this year’s Private Education &Development Awards we profile the firmand discuss the unique services it offers. Since its inception in 2007 Wildchild Adventure has been providing an extensive range of Outdoor Adventure, Bushcraft and Team-building activities which are designed to immerse children in the wonderful world of the great outdoors. Seeking to offer an innovative service, Wildchild Adventure creates unique school trips designed to provide invaluable enrichment experiences to support and enhance traditional classroom teaching. They also give children a balance of academic learning, real-life experiences and new perspectives. These outdoor adventure programmes are delivered in natural woodland areas, helping children learn about, appreciate and connect with the natural world they live in. Across the education sector, and particularly in private education, children enjoy huge academic advantages and opportunities, which also bring more pressure and responsibility than ever before, not just for students, but also for teaching staff and school leaders. Teachers have the challenging task of teaching a comprehensive and constantly expanding curriculum, while incorporating ever advancing new technology to support and advance its learning. The team at Wildchild Adventure see it as their role to provide meaningful and authentic outdoor experiences to balance the cerebral and intensive classroom learning. The company’s trips are an opportunity for children to apply their learning in the physical world, to learn more about the natural world they live in, and to enjoy the exploration, den building, fire lighting and outdoor fun time that is so important for children of all ages to experience. Many of the Wildchild’s competitors focus entirely on the outdoor adventure aspect of their trip, offering back to back adrenalin fuelled activities that take children from harness to harness, competing for who climbed highest, and who reached furthest. While the Wildchild Adventure team acknowledge the importance of these outdoor adventure activities, they feature in their adventure programmes as part of a balanced itinerary with teamwork and bushcraft activities, evening games and hot chocolate around the campfire - giving children a more well-rounded experience of the great outdoors that appeals to everyone. Wildchild Adventure focuses on self- achievement, perseverance and teamwork, and it is these attributes that are encouraged and celebrated on every trip the firm undertakes. It’s likely this innovative approach is what’s attracted the growing number of private education providers choosing Wildchild over the larger residential providers, bringing pupils as young as 6/7 for their annual dose of the ‘real’ outdoors! As testimony to the success of this approach, over recent years Wildchild Adventure has welcomed a growing number of private education providers, who are choosing its unique brand of bushcraft adventure programmes as a way of connecting children with nature and immersing them in the great outdoors to balance intensive school programmes. Thanks to this constantly evolving and growing market, Wildchild Adventure is adapting its business to meet the very needs of the children it supports. Moving forward, the firm foresees that this focus on outdoor play, awareness and appreciation of nature and connecting children with their peers and teachers will grow and develop across the private education landscape as a conscious move away from the busy and intensive residential programmes offered by many other providers. Wildchild Adventure residential trips are available to book all year round, offering either authentic camping or cosy indoor accommodation at woodland centres in Hertfordshire and Surrey. Our bespoke programmes can be adapted to be anything from a 1-night introductory adventure for Year 2 pupils, through to a challenging resilience building trip for KS3 students through to young adults. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Wildchild Adventure Name: Lynda Regan Telephone Number: 0845 371 7099 Web Address: Apr19349