Small Business Awards 2019

14 Corporate Vision - Small Business Awards 2019 , brandsavetheworld Best Boutique PR & Branding Agency – Italy & Distinction Award for Partnership & Event Management 2019 Sep19336 Dedicated tomaking its clients stand out from the crowd, brandsavetheworld is a Boutique PR and Communication Agency for niche brands and talents, designing strategies for individuals and businesses wanting to boost their visibility or enhance their brand positioning. We profile the firm to find out more about how it came to win not one but two of this year’s coveted Small Business Awards. This comprehensive range of services is offered to clients across the travel, food and lifestyle markets. All of these clients receive the support they need to thrive when they work with brandsavetheworld. As an expert team of advisors and strategists focused on people, the firm can drive its clients towards meaningful engagement and long-term growth and success. The firm works with clients to develop a collaborative partnership with them, becoming a valued source of advice on a variety of issues. These include helping them to highlight and sell services and products through high-quality, unconventional and integrated marketing and communications solutions. Thanks to the experience and PR knowledge of its clients, brandsavetheworld is able to offer a wide range of services including brand activation, strategic marketing, project development, event management, PR and press office, influencer engagement as well as social media training and management. Overall, brandsavetheworld is on a mission to help emerging brands and talents growth by taking their notoriety and businesses to the next level. As part of this mission, the firm’s ambition is to grow by attracting new talents that can help it to expand its portfolio of small and medium-sized companies in the tourism, food, design and fashion sectors. Alongside brandsavetheworld, the firm also boasts two spin-off projects: Travel Hashtag the first Italian annual conference-event concerning Tourism and Communication, and CV Start, a HR start-up providing personal jobbing services. Both of these brands have achieved a disruptive impact on the market over the years. The firm’s challenge for the coming years will be to manage their growth and development and ensure that this helps both clients and brandsavetheworld itself to prosper. Company: brandsavetheworld Name: Nicola Romanelli Headquarter: Milano (Italy) Web Address: