Technology Innovator Awards 2018

28 Corporate Vision / Technology Innovator Awards 2018 , Best Content Management Firm 2018 Kreatio is a boutique software firm in the web content management and digital publishing space servicing clients in the digital media domain. We profiled the forward-thinking an ambitious company as we look to gain an insight into its extensive success. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Kreatio offers a full portfolio of products as service (PaaS) platforms that handle the diverse needs of modern digital publishers. Boasting a worldwide presence, Kreatio predominantly supports clients from Europe, but also works with others around the world. Placing an emphasis on putting the customer first, Kreatio’s products focus on the publisher’s needs to have productive cooperation amongst their teams, whilst increasing engagement with their audience. Consistently delivering outstanding results alongside excellent customer service is a key feature of the firm’s success. Consisting of a team brimming with experience, the company has a mission of providing customers with an amazing experience, whilst at the same time adhering to their budget. Throughout the company, Kreatio is committed to providing deliverables on time and as an organisation, everybody works to ensure that a client’s journey is memorable and that their expectations are exceeded. Along with its excellent customer service and fantastic results, there are many other aspects which highlight Kreatio as a leader within the industry. Working on a global basis, the company has a striking ability to offer products and services which are productive and technologically advanced in comparison to other similar firms, whilst the firm also offers a number of cost-free services. With technology developing at a rapid rate, there is widespread optimism amongst the team at Kreatio about what the future holds for the firm. The company envisions great technological development in its products and services, leading to an improved customer experience. Whilst always being on the lookout to grow, the team are dedicated to finding innovative ways to help customers get the best out of its solutions. Building revenue streams for publishers is one of the major key areas that the team is currently focusing on. Moreover, the company’s new versions of CMS and other products such as DataHub and MailFixx promise publishers with better productivity and monetisation of their content. Looking to the future, Kreatio is currently in the middle of an ambitious expansion program, and is looking at adding new products to its portfolio and subsequently upgrading the existing ones. Achieving continued success means the team’s strength has doubled in the last year and a half, and excitingly, the company is in the process of setting up its overseas office in London. TI180032 Company: Kreatio Website: