2019 Technology Innovator Awards

26 Corporate Vision 2019 Technology Innovator Awards , OJO Labs, Inc. Best Digital Property Search Platform: OJO Labs, Inc. May19164 OJO Labs, Inc. has created a unique solution that is revolutionising the property searchmarket. As part of our showcase of some of this year’s Technology Innovator Awards we profile this creative technology to find out more. insightful, accurate recommendations, all via text and a personal web application interface. OJO specifically chose to design its product to operate over text message and a web interface instead of creating another mobile application because, regardless of demographic parameters, everyone texts. This approach to communicating with OJO’s users in the most natural way is essential for creating seamless and enjoyable consumer experiences. Additionally, the use of text messaging significantly improves engagement while searching for homes, and offers a comfortable platform for exploration, inquiry and discovery. When consumers have found a property they are interested in seeing in person, OJO will introduce them to one of its qualified real estate agents upon their request, a process that helps remove much of the hesitation or reservation about who, or when they should speak to someone. This warm introduction creates a stronger relationship between the buyer and agent and maximizes beginning-to -end efficiency. The technology behind OJO works to adequately serve consumers by scanning and analyzing millions of listings, photos and other data sources within seconds to deliver the best information possible to the user. Alongside this, OJO is supported by an extensive network of industry experts who supplement the data when needed, continuously training the technology. The firm’s patented process and combination of machine learning and human interaction provides OJO with the necessary resources to track down information not readily available on other online property databases. This unique solution meets the very needs of a variety of users. OJO is free for consumers to use, and provides the most accurate, real-time and bespoke real estate information and insights that will empower them make the best decision possible. Having OJO as a personal digital real estate assistant is priceless, as consumers move to make one of the largest purchase decisions of their lives. The solution works with and guides consumers regardless of where they are in their journey. When home buyers feel they are ready to move forward, OJO will connect them with a trusted real estate agent in its network, making the transition to transaction process seamless. For real estate agents, OJO works with them to gain meaningful consumers that are actually looking to transact in the near future. With OJO, warm referrals come directly to agents without having to pre-pay for marketing and advertising. These program factors help agents save hundreds of dollars per month, so they can invest more into their business. Looking to the future, OJO’s ongoing focus is to progress its solution so that it can optimize and accelerate the customer experience, and truly transform the real estate industry in the most positive way possible. Expanding its relationships with partners, building new partnerships and continuing to establish OJO as trusted consumer resource in the home journey are all core focuses for the firm as it strives towards even greater industry renown. AI never stops learning, and neither does OJO Labs. Ultimately, OJO’s vision is to create the most powerful and conversational AI that inherently connects with its consumers, and this will remain the firm’s core focus for the remainder of 2019 and further ahead. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: OJO Labs, Inc. | Contact: Christine Jacobson | Email: [email protected] Website: https://landing.ojo.me/ Since OJO’s official at-scale commercial launch in September 2018 with its integration into Realogy Holdings Corp’s key brokerages across several U.S. markets, and its partnership with The Royal Bank of Canada to bring the technology into the Toronto market, the firm has helped thousands of real estate agents connect with countless leads, resulting in positive, warm referrals and successful transactions. In this short time OJO users have gone from thousands, to hundreds of thousands in a matter of months thanks to its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. Today, OJO Labs’ mission is to empower people to make better decisions through the fusion of machine and human intelligence. The company has designed, built and operationalized a patented AI technology with rich web applications that conducts text conversations with consumers at scale, serving as a powerful digital assistant within the real estate industry. Despite the massive industry friction, the lack of incredible consumer experiences, the recent bias associated with the housing crisis, rising prices and fluctuating interest rates, Americans have not lost the dream, and desire, to own a home. The biggest blocker is helping them understand the process, getting them access to the financial resources, sourcing solutions that will address their unique problems, providing valuable insights on neighbourhoods or homes and helping them plan over a longer period of time. With its unique and innovative AI digital assistant, OJO, the Austin-based technology company is determined to resolve this complex problem by revolutionizing the way people search for, purchase or sell a home. Unlike other “assistants,” OJO is a conversational machine, backed by human intelligence, that learns about its users to understand what they are really after, then proactively serves up