2019 Technology Innovator Awards

, SoPro Most Innovative Lead Generation & Social Prospecting Solution 2019 May19192 SoPro helps businesses to research, identify and engagewith target prospects using smart technology and social media thatmake it themost successfully formof B2B lead generation available. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Technology Innovator Awards, we invited SoPro’s Co-Founder and CTOMr RobHarlow to tell usmore. Established in 2015, SoPro has spent the past four years redefining B2B demand generation techniques and striving to prove that there are much more predictable, higher quality ways to harness new social networks in order to create demand and interest for relevant suppliers. From the start, SoPro’s vision was to replace traditional B2B business development outreach models, such as telephone-based appointment setting and in-house lead gen teams, with a future proof and far more powerful alternative. There are many email marketing companies that offer lead generation solutions but what sets SoPro apart is how the team have reimagined email lead generation to incorporate the reach of social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, as a means to enable totally personalised 1-to-1 messaging, and overhauling the technical approach to overcome the increasingly persistent realities of spam filters and other deliverability blockers that had arisen in response to traditional ‘cold’ email marketing. Today, the firm supports hundreds of businesses, from SMEs to global enterprises, working with them to identify and engage with qualified prospects. Using the firm’s very own technology, it is able to target, research and engage prospects on a 1-to-1 basis with personalised, conversational email introductions, designed to flow naturally into the sales pipeline. Rob outlines the firm’s service offering in more detail and showcases how this benefits a wide range of clients. At SoPro, our flagship product is the managed SoPro service, where clients receive high levels of support from operations, client services and creative teams to produce the best social prospecting strategies possible. “Alongside this, the SoPro Hub presents campaign results against global averages across each key metric that drives the company and the results it delivers for clients ever onward. It also embodies SoPro’s total commitment to constant improvement; maintaining an unrelenting focus on incremental improvements across all areas of the service, and a constant search for new developments facilitated by this total transparency. Unlike many agencies, we sell on highly accurate, pre-determined, campaign success rates based on segmented performance insights available by industry vertical, target company size and even by target job profiles.” Operating in such a fast-paced market, SoPro has to work hard to stay ahead of the latest developments, as Rob highlights. “Our total commitment at SoPro to constant improvement keeps SoPro ahead of emerging developments. We are confident that the combination of our premium managed service alongside the development of a SaaS model supported by continual developments in our technology, will secure the best results possible. It will also support our future growth and continue to delight clients.” “What began as a set of manual processes is now delivered by proprietary in-house technology that combines innovative social targeting and research systems, great web services, integrated data partners, email verification services, deliverability tools, social APIs, analytics, tracking services and active integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho and Pipedrive CRM systems.” “Since we began, SoPro has grown to achieve a turnover in excess of £1.2m in 2018. We are on track to exceed our £2.5m forecast in 2019, during which time we will have delivered over £50m in new sales for our SoPro customers. “Maintaining this year-on-year growth is a great achievement, but one that takes more and evolving skills each year. As such, we will continue to invest in our people, our technology and the strength of our own solution to connect us with more prospects, which we can convert into new clients. Our technology roadmap will see us develop a more sophisticated range of products and services to enable us to help clients along their client acquisition journey from research to contact. “Ultimately, SoPro is now Europe’s fastest growing B2B prospecting agency supporting over 400 businesses prospecting into more than 30 countries. Its explosive growth has been achieved rapidly and without external funding and we are very proud of this and look forward to even greater success moving forward.” CONTACT DETAILS: Company: SoPro | Name: Mr Rob Harlow Address: 1st Floor Front Suite, 27-29 North Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1EB Telephone Number: +44 20 7065 7569 Web Address: www.sopro.io