UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2017

UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2017 Polly Williams, founder of the multi-award winning advisory firm Camberyard, specialises in bespoke business development and mentoring for a wide range of interior and brand professionals. She works closely with her clients to help them develop their business strategy to most effectively launch or expand their business. With over 12 years’ experience advising a leading London design studio, Polly knows what it takes to launch a brand and make it a success. Here she discusses her work and shares some tips on how to stand out in 2018. Interior Design Business Advisor of the Year 2017 g CV 2017 UK Corporate Excellence Awards Also in this issue: Best Specialised Ceiling Installations Company 2017 Best Security Systems Services Company 2017 Best TPM Training Specialist 2017 Best Hair Styling & Colouring Specialists 2017 – Glasgow & Award for Excellence in Hypnotherapy Services Best Car Valeting Service 2017