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Kaizen Softworks

Kaizen Softworks

Best SME Technology Consultancy - South America

Kaizen Softworks

We are a nearshore consulting tech shop focused on collaboration. We deliver quality software aligned to your business needs. Since 2014 we have been working for USA small to midsize companies in several industries using the latest Microsoft and Open Source technologies to enable their digital transformation.

Our founders meet in 2010 while working in a multinational information technology service, consulting and business solutions company, specifically developing software solutions for the US offices of one of the Big Four audit companies in the world. This experience came with lots of learning of how to work with remote teams based in the USA, South America and Asia. But most importantly, they learnt the cons of working with offshore teams by suffering the same pains that companies in the US experience when outsourcing to Asia: low quality, large time zone difference, culture mismatch and language. This and the 10+ years of experience of both of our founders, a seasoned Systems Engineer and a multi-awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, made them join in 2014 and build a company to put their knowledge of the industry to work and provide quality nearshore software services for the US.

- HQ in Uruguay 

- Convenient Timezone EST+1 

- Microsoft MVP in the house! 

- Fluent in English 

- Full Stack Agile Team 

- Fully Dedicated to Client's Needs

At Kaizen Softworks, our Vision is to provide ever improving software engineering services and build a company, by software developers, for software developers. We believe we need to create a transparent, collaborative, and committed environment that shows we care about our clients and employees, building a place where values are shared by everyone involved.

We work on a mutual help collaborative environment, promoting interactions, dynamism and transparency. We believe that we can always do things better, we try to improve everyday to achieve better results. We commit and strive to the maximum to reach objectives and we establish honest relationships based in mutual respect and trust.

We are highly involved with the community, we encourage research, learning and knowledge sharing. We act with initiative and with an entreprenurial spirit to reach goals. And most importantly: we are flexible, the characteristics of our business requires us to adapt permanently to new challenges; we can't wait to help with yours.