Most Innovative Solar Generation Solutions Provider 2019 - France

"We are developers of a new concept: Offshore Floating Solar Power Plant, an innovative and cost-effective solution of green electricity production, based on a circular economy approach. We aim to:

- Save land space by deploying the power plant on the sea;

- Produce “green” electricity from the photovoltaic technology;

- Manage plastic waste through using recycled plastic for the floating structures.

Motivation video here.

Our competitive advantages:

- Offshore installation.

- Low carbon footprint. The process produces 5 times less carbon footprint than competitors’ solutions.

- Advanced Design. High efficiency (7-9% in comparison with the common competitors’ solution) due to design optimization.

- Comply with 8 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), a link is here.

- Unique circular economy approach (proving that it is possible to build a new energy sector - Offshore floating solar based on this approach with minimum waste).

- Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts for different purposes."