Most Innovative Software Development Company - Nicaragua

CloudNica was born in 2008 thanks to the need to create a system for a high school library. It was our first commercialized system. We have managed to grow in quality and expand our product portfolio to this day.


We have a dynamic and versatile portfolio of services that adapt to the needs of our clients. Our 360 Solutions portfolio has enabled us to become the best provider of alternative and innovative media for our clients.


We work with different types of clients worldwide to whom we offer the highest quality standards and have become the technological ally of our clients.

We develop communication, marketing, information and control solutions based on the Internet and new technologies, with the aim of increasing the level of automation and profitability of your business.

As consultants, we have the mission of understanding the needs of your business, and thus propose the architecture of the solutions that optimize the handling of information between your company and its employees, clients, vendors or branches.

We are dedicated to developing high-level solutions that lead our clients to meet their business goals. We work hand in hand to understand your specific business needs and thus be able to deliver solutions that add value to our clients’ business activities.