International Web Radio Station of the Year 2020 - Austria

MusikHolics is an international website radio with fans from all
around the world! In our website, you will find many interviews from
well known artists( Billy Sheehan, Thomas Lang, Phil Demmel),
legendary bands(Overkill, Eilif Gundersen from Wardruna), different
genres( Kevin Richardson Foundation, Walter Simonson) and more.
We provide a plethora of articles(about music, fashion, beauty,
culture etc) and tributes. Our team consists of people from various
continents, with different cultures and experiences, a combination
that creates the unique and beautiful world of MusikHolics. We are a
music nest for bands and artists that want to chase their dreams,
promote and unfold their talents to the world. We also promote
companies(products and services) via sponsorship. We would like to
thank our amazing Team and audience, they are the reason for
MusikHolics’s success and winning award. The best is yet to come for

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