Other Side Images GmbH

Other Side Images GmbH

Excellence Award in Filmmaking 2020 - Baden-Württemberg

Other Side Images GmbH, situated at the Swiss/German border in Bad Säckingen, Germany, near Zurich and Basel, advises decision-makers on optimising their marketing, the use of marketing & social media tools as well as the latest online apps. With the marketing and digital marketing competence of over 20 years in the media industry, we will show you the way into the digital age and optimize your marketing channels and apps from the offline and online world to help your marketing department and thus your company to achieve success. Practice-oriented, quick analysis of your situation & potential. We advise you in German, English, French, Danish and Swedish.

Andreas Grieshaber
General Manager

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Other Side Images GmbH
Ludwig-Herr-Straße 50
79713 Bad Säckingen

Phone: +49 7761 9383447