SanCloud Ltd

SanCloud Ltd

Best IoT Development Company 2020

SanCloud helps companies to manage, monitor and control their assets, buildings and machinery using Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

SanCloud’s own designed range of ‘BeagleBone Enhanced’ are Single Board Computers (SBCs) that form smart IoT devices offering a unique blend of power, speed, features and wireless connectivity. What’s more is that they support Open Source Development, therefore empowering customers to ‘own their own delivery’ enabling easier, lower-cost and rapid-rate deployments. This device is the size of a credit card and available from as little as £40 / $50.

SanCloud also provides a full IoT device-to-dashboard turnkey solution too and with the back-up of its world-class hardware and software engineers, offers its customers support in a limitless array of applications.

SanCloud’s customer portfolio now spans 40 countries across 6 continents and includes Boeing, Emerson, 4iii, Fujitsu, Micron, Molex, MiT, NASA, Netcom, Peugeot, Stanford University, Toyota and Victron Energy to name a few.

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