The Starting Idea

The Starting Idea

Most Innovative Start-Up Business Growth Magazine 2020

The Starting Idea is the leading growth marketing magazine in the industry today. With some of the most comprehensive guides and actionable articles available in the industry on 100s of business topics, it has rapidly taken top-ranking positions and the mantle as the most innovative growth magazine. Delivering cutting-edge ideas that lead to rapid business growth in the modern era, The Starting Idea has carved a niche for itself as the magazine for growth-hungry entrepreneurs. If you are looking for unique growth hacks, mastermind-level strategies, and forward-thinking tools, The Starting Idea blog and newsletter should be in your reading list.

The Team

Abhik Shome is the Founder and editor-in-chief of The Starting Idea. As a B2B Content Marketer, he uses cutting-edge conversion strategies and creative SEO to make beginner blogs rank on top of Google and become thought leaders in their niche. With over 1 million views on his content, he is recognized in the industry for his nuanced SEO growth hacks, and usage of marketing tech to create powerhouse blogs in multiple niches. If you have any questions regarding SEO or need help with your marketing, connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Weronika Wysocka is the design head of The Starting Idea. A master of all things tech and graphic design, she is the aesthetic brain behind The Starting Idea. With her in-depth knowledge of all the latest graphic designing software interwoven with a promise of having the smoothest UI/UX, Weronika is the key to The Starting Idea’s standout look. Apart from graphic design, Weronika is also an expert in implementing automation systems. See Weronika’s range of eye-catching and highly converting brand expressions in her Behance portfolio here.